Video filmed at the networking evening for winners of the Deloitte Micro-Tyco Student Challenge, featuring participants discussing what they loved about Micro-Tyco and Deloitte's Managing Partner for Talent, Emma Codd.


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An introduction to the Micro-Tyco challenge
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Discussing Micro-Tyco Impact
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Micro-Tyco Masterclass with Sir Tom Hunter
Micro-Tyco Results in Promotion
Natasha Gordon, Talisman
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London and Edinburgh 2014
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Talent Panel at GEL 2013
Michel Roux Jr
Deloitte Canape Challenge with Master Chef’s Michel Roux Jr
Micro-Tyco 2011 Winning Team who turned £1 into £19,008.72
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WildHearts microfinance work in Uganda and Tanzania
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Micro-Tyco in Antigua
A video message to the Micro-Tycos from Guatemala
Carol Smillie Interview
With Carol Smillie, Mick Jackson & Deloitte's Ian Steele
Ghana Thank You
Filmed in Ghana with WildHearts micro-clients

Welcome to the Deloitte Micro-Tyco Student Challenge

In 2012 Deloitte won the global Micro-Tyco challenge by turning £1 into an £52,435. Noticing the incredible effect taking part in Micro-Tyco had on their team - revealing hidden talents, liberating entrepreneurial behaviours and resourcefulness, inspiring the knowledge that business could be a force for good - Deloitte decided to expand their partnership with WildHearts. In October 2013 Deloitte launched the Deloitte Micro-Tyco Student Challenge into UK Universities as a vehicle for identifying the leaders of the future and recruiting the best talent into their business.

The Challenge
Deloitte is working with WildHearts and select partner universities to offer first year students a unique opportunity to take part in the award-winning Micro-Tyco Challenge in February 2016 and showcase their talent to Deloitte. Only four universities across the UK will be chosen for this amazing opportunity  and we are currently selecting partners. Participating Universities will have the opportunity to:

•    Take part in an award winning entrepreneurial challenge that unleashes students’ hidden talents, whilst developing creative thinking, resourcefulness, teamwork,  financial literacy, communication and leadership skills. This includes access to interactive learning resources.
•    Network and develop a long term partnerships with Deloitte, one of the UK’s top employers. You will be recognised as a Deloitte partner and be able to use the Deloitte brand to enhance recruitment campaigns.
•    Help your students gain invaluable insight and skills from a Deloitte Micro-Tyco Coach who will support the students during the Micro-Tyco challenge.
•    Showcase students’ talents and enhance their CV, to increase their success if they choose to apply for Deloitte’s Summer Vacation Scheme.

Micro-Tyco Background: Become an Entrepreneur to Fund an Entrepreneur
Micro-Tyco's vision is nothing less than the ignition of the spirit of enterprise across our whole culture. It is an enterprise challenge that brings our whole society together, reconnects us to one another, to what really matters, and compels us to collectively raise the bar in what we believe is possible for ourselves and our culture. In three years Micro-Tyco has brought together over 27,000 participants from schools to corporates, challenging teams to grow £1 seed capital into as much money as possible in just four weeks. From the team of ten year olds who transformed their £1 investment into more than £14,000, to the graduates who turned theirs into £75,500, Micro-Tycos’ unique combination of inspiration, world class business mentorship, positive peer pressure and ethics produces incredible results. This is why Deloitte have taken Micro-Tyco on to university campuses to help find passionate entrepreneurial thinkers who will bring something different to the firm.

How does it work?
The Deloitte Micro-Tyco Student Challenge will run every February and each team will be provided with a Deloitte Coach to support them throughout the challenge. Teams will be sent their ‘seed capital’ at the end of January; a micro-loan of £1. When February arrives the clock starts and they have one month to turn it into as much money as possible. There is only one rule: transactions must be legal!

During the challenge participants are encouraged to use their inner resources - creativity, imagination, experience, network - to grow their pound. Micro-Tyco inspires an intense entrepreneurial environment that unleashes participants latent talents and reveals skills they never knew they had, whilst at the same time fostering essential entrepreneurial thinking and team work. Participants receive world class business training from the Micro-Tyco Mentors (including Sir Tom Hunter and Lord Digby Jones) via video and will be able to interact with the other companies and schools taking part in the global Micro-Tyco Challenge via the exclusive Micro-Tyco social network.

The competition keeps you sharp; the deadline keeps the pressure on. Its apparent simplicity is deceptive. The low value of the £1 loan entices you to get involved but then takes you on a journey where the challenge grows with the money. It is a seed that reveals your inner wealth and helps you discover talents you never knew you had. As the money grows, so will you.

The money created from Micro-Tyco will then be invested by WildHearts in micro-loans to help the world’s poorest people work their own way out of poverty with dignity and self-respect. As a result participants will go from becoming dynamic wealth creators to global ethical investors. Micro-Tyco’s gift to you will be the knowledge that once you release your talents the whole world benefits.

Deloitte Micro-Tyco University Challenge:  Is YOUR heart pounding?